Universal Genève FS Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian State Railways) ref. 864 107 Second Series (Mark 2) – Serviced


The railways and horology have a long shared history.
Long before timepieces had taken to men’s wrists, train conductors carried mechanical pocket watches styled to enable flawless legibility at a glance, even in low-lit conditions. Those watches’ accuracy was of paramount importance, as whole railway systems were set up in accordance to their melodious ticking. Nowadays, the utilitarian aesthetic of the railway watch is symbolic of the times when mechanical watches occupied a position of vital importance in everyday life and society.
Of all the railway watches favoured by contemporary collectors, few have been as enduringly popular as Universal Geneve’s Ferrovie dello Stato watch. That is due partly to Universal Geneve’s standing as one of the most prolific and innovative horological manufacturers of its day, and party to the timepiece’s quality, but there’s more to this story.
Yes, the UG FS is a masterfully crafted timepiece executed at a standard far exceeding your typical railway watch, but what makes it truly unique is how and why that came to be.
You see, Universal Geneve was commissioned with building the First Series 1 FS watch shortly after the Second World War ended. The Italian State Railways were undergoing a grandiose overhaul, which sought to raise the morale of the men who had just returned from war and were now employed by the company. This was, in turn, part of a larger plan concerned with revitalizing Italy after the devastation of the war, and since the Italians have always known that beauty and fine craftsmanship can heal man’s soul, the State Railways went to the best for their watch.
The specific example on offer here dates to circa 1972 and is in excellent condition. Its case remains sharp-edged even if it appears to have been lightly polished at some point in the past, and its dial is well-preserved and entirely authentic – i.e. has never been refinished. Where this watch misses the mark, however, is the crown, which is an original UG one but is not correct to this model. The movement within, the in-house cal. 64, was always designed to be sturdy and dependable, so it’s little surprise that it’s keeping good time after being serviced by our watchmaker.

Covered by a limited warranty of 6 months by ChronoTimepieces.

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Additional information


FS Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian State Railways)

Reference number

864 107


Good, Serviced

Year of production

1970 (Approximation)

Scope of delivery

Watch only


18 Jewels, Manual winding

Movement caliber

Case material


Case size

35.7 mm, 41.2 mm

Dial color





Black, Buckle, Leather Strap


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