About Us

At ChronoTimepieces, we have a passion for Modern & Vintage watches and are dedicated to offering a wide selection of high-quality, properly serviced timepieces. Our expert watchmakers have taken great care to ensure that each watch we offer is in excellent condition, it has been inspected, serviced if needed and well taken care of, so it is now ready to be worn and enjoyed for many years to come.

Who are we and what we offer

  • 5-star rated seller on Chrono24 (the major watch marketplace) – We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and are a trusted source for all king of watches
  • Authenticity guarantee – We offer an Authenticity Guarantee, ensuring that our customers can trust that the watches they purchase are fully authentic
  • Warranty – We provide 1-year Warranty on all of our watches, giving our customers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase
  • 14-day Return policy – We give customers the option to return their purchase within 14 days if they are not satisfied, providing flexibility and reassurance
  • Pre-Owned & New Watches – We offer a wide selection of Vintage & Modern Watches, Chronographs, Dive Watches, Man’s & Women’s Watches, Limited editions and some Rare & Unique Pieces suitable for every taste & budget

Our Story

ChronoTimepieces started life out as three friends sharing a side project, but it quickly moved beyond its unambitious origins. When we joined efforts, all three of us were already considerably experienced in selling watches (even if it often was just to free up room in our own collections), so we understood the market quite well. We were also painfully aware of its many problems – we had personally encountered them many times. ChronoTimepieces was conceived, therefore, with a clear goal in mind – we wanted to build the kind of service we’d always wished to be provided.

We began by addressing the elephant in the room – the horrific condition of the average second-hand watch sold online and offline. This issue was why, as collectors, we’d long shared a rule – to always bring in a newly bought watch for service. To save our clients from having to do the same, we hired the best up-and-coming watchmaker in Bulgaria and outfitted his atelier with the highest-grade equipment we could afford. In the years to come, he would prove the far more crucial of the two investments, always striving to acquire new knowledge and expand his skillset along the way. He’s also been getting plenty of practice in the form of examining and (8/10 times) servicing all the watches that come through our doors. Since most second-hand watches have a scratch here or nick there, they often need to also be polished (or, more accurately, refinished), which our partner Atelier Grande Complication does for us. They are a well-known Service Center with a list of certifications that wouldn’t fit on any screen and a LOT of experience with high-end watches.

The other notable exception, of course, is vintage watches, where original condition is always preferred. This may surprise you, but almost none of the vintage watches you see sold online are in authentic condition. Most of them have either been polished, feature unoriginal movement parts, or have had their dials redone. That’s why successfully identifying an original example is crucial, but it takes skills that can’t be acquired by simply looking up different examples and comparing. Those are precisely the skills we’ve devoted our lives to attaining, and we have amassed a medium-sized library of horological literature along the way.

Both our knowledge and our experience give us the confidence to say that our timepieces are all in excellent, photo-accurate condition, with all the little details around their exact condition and historical origins disclosed in their descriptive texts. As you can probably tell, we’re passionate about watches, and we’d be honored to support you on your horological journey.

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